Latest Library Links 23rd September 2016

Library Theory

Libraries of the Future online mini-conference – Oct 6th 2016 12:00-3:00pm US Pacific Time

Library Tech/Web

New York Public Library’s “Book Train”

Open Library of the Humanities launches Annotran – open source web page translation

Nominus – domain name creator

Collections / eResources

Digitisation – delving deeper

3D “unwrapping” tools let scientists reads an ancient Hebrew scroll

Irish Film Institute makes over 1200 minutes of historical content available

Turn of the century union banner saved

British Library Greek manuscripts project

Conserving a magic spell on papyrus

Academic Libraries

First conference of research software engineers

Public Libraries

Glasgow Women’s Library

Up to 83% of library services now rely on volunteers

Poem for the National Library Demo – Nov 5th

2016 Libraries Change Lives award shortlist

Information Literacy

American digital readiness gaps

Information skills outside formal education


Software citation principles

NISO releases altmetrics recommended practice


The future of radio

The fierce, forgotten library wars of the ancient world

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Latest Library Links 16th September 2016

Library Theory

Introducing the Open Library Foundation

Pew Research – Libraries 2016

Seven surprising benefits of Maker Spaces

Library Tech/Web

Women’s rights online: The digital gender gap audit

Itcher – a recommendation engine

A video introduction to Yandex

Sex and sexuality: the Jane Austen game breaking all the MMO rules

Collections / eResources

SPEC Kit 352: collection assessment

MIT uses radiation to read closed books

New MoMA digital archive

D-Lib Magazine, vol 22, no 9/10, 2016.

A new way of navigating the BBC’s archive of permanently available programmes

The Digital Transgender Archive

PubMed Journals

Doing “not being a book”

The Somme in the UK Web Archive

Controversial Maya Codex is the real deal after all

Open Library of the Humanities year one

Start saying goodbye to eBook pagination

Snakes, mandrakes and Centaurs: medieval herbal now online

Academic Libraries

World QS University rankings released

Cambridge University Press launches Cambridge Core – all CUP academic content in one place

Digital student skills survey

Applications of student data in higher education

Video games can have lasting impact on learning

Public Libraries

A rallying cry against library volunteers

Libraries and literacy crucial for the health of the nation

The time of the library is now

Information Literacy

There’s a digital outcome for that

What makes a successful online learner


500 new words added to OED

Paralympics memories at the British Library

Handy Pokemon Go tips

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Latest Library Links 2nd September 2016

Library Theory

Selling skills outside of libraries

When Libraries don’t provide value

A new venture in training

Library Tech/Web

Digital champions sharing skills in libraries around the country

The decentralised web

Collections / eResources

Improving access to the British Library’s digitised manuscripts

Introducing a digital anthology of early modern English drama

Oxford bibliographies now free

Our Shakespeare – collaboration between Library of Birmingham and the British Library

SherlockNet: tagging and captioning the British Library’s Flickr images

Victorian cloth bindings

Dogs of the Wellcome Library

The Great Fire of London

Academic Libraries

Academic library website functions in the context of users’ information needs

ACRL on the value of academic libraries

Examining student perception of an open statistics book

Books to be included in the World University Rankings analysis for the first time

Public Libraries

Demonstration for Libraries, Museums and Galleries – London, Nov 5th

Increased reading and literacy: how libraries deliver

Resources on how museums and galleries become participatory places

Jeremy Corbyn backs national library demonstration

Public libraries, police and the normalisation of surveillance

150 free things that public libraries offer


23 Reasons To Get Excited About Data – free ebook


The Post-Embargo Open Access Citation Advantage

End of publication? Open access and a new scholarly communication technology


The great British bread-cake debate

Italian government to give teens €500 to spend on books for their 18th birthday

The great medieval bake off

Storytellers without borders

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Latest Library Links 19th August 2016

Library Theory

IFLA guidelines for continuing professional development: principles and best practices

Five forthcoming webinars for librarians

IFLA Trend Report 2016

One person’s “it can’t be done” is another person’s “easy fix”

Look where all this talking got us

Library Tech/Web

Using Powerpoint as a design tool

Collections / eResources

Introducing the digital library of the Middle East

Are institutional repositories a dead end?

Developing a Data Vault at the University of Edinburgh

Born Digital news collections: new formats, new approaches

Archivists as maintainers

OldNYC – mapping historical photos from the NYPL in Google Maps-like format

Academic Libraries

Planning a digital scholarship centre

Public Libraries

Minutes of the ninth meeting of the Leadership for Libraries Taskforce

Prospects and strategies for deep collaboration in the galleries, libraries, archives and museums sector

Devices in libraries: trends and opportunities

Library dogs

Information Literacy

Try the new Learn My Way


A two-sided academic landscape: portrait of highly cited documents in Google Scholar 1950-2013

Ensuring the future of the digital scholarly record


Journal of Electronic Publishing special issue on the economics of publishing


Seven tips to read faster and still understand what you read

Are you emotionally attached to your books? [yes, next question!]

Pokemon Go: medieval edition

The puzzle book – the next page unlocks when you complete the previous puzzle

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Latest Library Links 5th August 2016

Library Theory

Library Leadership and Management, vol 30, no 4, 2016

Libraries in the exponential age

Library Tech/Web

Defeat clickbait with the deslide/clusterfake tool

NPLN’s useful resources

Facebook vs Youtube videos

The enterprise technologies to watch in 2016

17 ways technology will change our lives by 2050

Eight digital skills you must teach your children

Collections / eResources

Preserving the past in Penn State University

Online database of destroyed ancient sites

Interactive map on New York public art projects

Medieval selfies

Theatre of Sound

A photo-tour of the MTV archive

Academic Libraries

Concordat on open research data launched

Tracking the digital footprints to scholarly articles from social media

The Academic Library reimagined

Academic uses of video games

Exploring virtual reality within the academic setting

Public Libraries

BBC Radio and public libraries partner for the “biggest book club in the country”

Challenges and opportunities

Radio Four programme on Syria’s Secret Library

What’s the point of culture in Brexit Britain


Discovery and reuse of open datasets: an exploratory study

Reference services review, vol 44, iss 3, 2016

Providing access through GIS Data at Avery library

Advising students against plagiarism

Vargas Llosa as cataloguer


Helsinki’s new library

The Olympics at the British Library

The Berlin 1936 Olympics in words and pictures

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Latest Library Links 29th July 2016

Library Theory

What is UX and how can it help your organisation

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, vol 11, no 2, 2016.

Library 2.016 – Libraries of the Future

Open environments contribute to creativity

Resurgent libraries turn a whisper in to a roar

The future of libraries is bigger than books

Staff expertise makes a difference

Library Tech/Web

British Library Labs competition 2016

Responding to viral trends

Top 10 emerging tech trends of 2016

Wearable technology resources

Creating immersive experiences in libraries

The Sourcecaster

How to see everything Google knows about you

New study highlights power of crowd to transmit news on Twitter

Everything librarians need to know about Pokemon Go

Collections / eResources

Digital Preservation Handbook, 2nd edition free online

The evolution of content curation: a librarian’s guide

Hacking heritage: power and participation in digital cultural collections

Looking for open digital collections

Refugee global trends report from UN

Massive open access database on human cultures created

What does audience-centred look like? It looks like Glasgow museums

An Anglo-Saxon sketch of the solar system

Smithsonian digitises its 1 millionth object

Vatican digitises 1600 year old edition of Virgil

9000 images now online in New Zealand Birds Online

Academic Libraries

Academic Librarianship and the Future

Measuring the impact of digitised theses

Assessing the user experience of E-Books in academic libraries

The academic librarian in Singapore

Gathering the needles: evaluating the impact of gold standard open access content with traditional subscription journals

Replacing school libraries with maker-spaces – a worrisome tale

Public Libraries

The development of digital literacy and inclusion skills of public librarians

Creating Space: The Impacts of Spatial Arrangements in Public Library Makerspaces

Not very subtle: new Minister for Libraries is also minister for volunteers

Syria’s secret library


Why libraries are everywhere in the Czech Republic

Information Literacy

Five tips for teaching digital literacy to non-English speakers

Overcoming Information Poverty on sale


Analysis of international linked data survey for implementers

Open access metadata for journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals

The last of the rare book cataloguers



A new venture in training

Library’s sweet new design: uses ice-cream tubs as walls

The best cities in the world for book lovers

The most feared books of all time

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Latest Library Links 18th May 2016

Library Theory

Considering outreach assessment: strategies, sample scenarios, and a call to action

Everywhere, everywhen

Design thinking: one process, unlimited applications

Library Tech/Web

STM Tech Trends: 2020 outlook

Librarians’ practical 3D printing questions answered

Library and departmental change driven by migration to a cloud-based library management system

Four useful infographic design options

Collections / eResources

Digitizing Books, Obscuring Women’s Work: Google Books, Librarians, and Ideologies of Access

Cultural Heritage: Europeana’s 2016 Development Plans and Priorities

How would you teach a digital preservation graduate seminar?

British Library releases six endangered archives programme digital collections online + audio content

Bodleian libraries acquires rare map of Middle-earth annotated by Tolkien

Fragments in bindings

The Scottish Play and the real Macbeth

Adverts in 19th century travel books

Academic Libraries

Sheffield University’s HRI Digital to develop Oxeye: a new type of LMS

The audio and audio-visual book of the future – a symposium

Research data sharing and reuse practices of academic faculty researchers

Public Libraries

Books are back. Only the technodazzled thought they would go away

Information Literacy

Two digital literacy sites


Implementing RDA at the Library of Congress

Addressing the challenges with organizational identifiers and ISNI

The role of librarians in data science: a call to action

Reference Services Review, vol 44, issue 2, 2016


Fifty shades of open

Open access to research data: a pilot project in Sweden


British Library Labs roadshows

One hundred books by Asian authors

Tiebrary for job hunters

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Latest Library Links 1st May 2016

Library Theory

MIT Librarians on the future of libraries

Video Recording of “Welcome to DPLAfest 2016″ Session Now Available Online

Designing for a happiness experience

Libraries without boundaries

Library Tech/Web

Is your library mobile friendly?

Building a static website with Github and Jekyll

Snapchat content ideas for libraries

Ditto – clipboard manager

Online infographics makers comparison

Collections / eResources

Implications of archival labour

Free Europe Committee digital collection of encrypted Cold War messages

Vodafone and British Library create interactive digital library / wallpaper of Shakespeare’s works

Shakespeare Timeline from University of London

The Librarian Who Saved Timbuktu’s Cultural Treasures From al Qaeda

TV and Film locations map

Back to the land! History of the allotment movement and campaigns for a Land Value Tax

1000th deathday of Aethelred the Unready

International Workers’ Day from TUC Archive

Much ado about something, possibly

Second world war “fight for freedom” publications

Academic Libraries

Developing Library GIS Services for Humanities and Social Science: An Action Research Approach

Academic librarians’ changing perceptions of faculty status and tenure

Videos: Scholarly Record for Computational Research; Libraries & Multidisciplinary Research

New Video Takes a Look at the Weston Library, Part of University of Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries

Public Libraries

Taking part: focus on Libraries

The rise of pirate libraries

Suspected right-wing vandals burnt Kerala library, people donate books with a vengeance

Railway station turned in to library and cultural centre

Information Literacy


International Alliance of Research Library Associations Endorse Open Data Accord

Code4Lib Journal issue 32

The role of librarians in data science

Diamonds are forever. What about research data?

New RFID procurement guide for libraries


How the Librarian/Publisher Relationship Can Facilitate the Development of the Information Literacy Curriculum

Librarians as content producers

Freedom of the Press 2016 – global press freedom at lowest point for 12 years Also World Press Freedom Index from Reporters Without Borders


Great writers’ handwriting

Weeding the worst library books

Shakespeare selfie

Five left field libraries

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