Latest Library Links 5th August 2016

Library Theory

Library Leadership and Management, vol 30, no 4, 2016

Libraries in the exponential age

Library Tech/Web

Defeat clickbait with the deslide/clusterfake tool

NPLN’s useful resources

Facebook vs Youtube videos

The enterprise technologies to watch in 2016

17 ways technology will change our lives by 2050

Eight digital skills you must teach your children

Collections / eResources

Preserving the past in Penn State University

Online database of destroyed ancient sites

Interactive map on New York public art projects

Medieval selfies

Theatre of Sound

A photo-tour of the MTV archive

Academic Libraries

Concordat on open research data launched

Tracking the digital footprints to scholarly articles from social media

The Academic Library reimagined

Academic uses of video games

Exploring virtual reality within the academic setting

Public Libraries

BBC Radio and public libraries partner for the “biggest book club in the country”

Challenges and opportunities

Radio Four programme on Syria’s Secret Library

What’s the point of culture in Brexit Britain


Discovery and reuse of open datasets: an exploratory study

Reference services review, vol 44, iss 3, 2016

Providing access through GIS Data at Avery library

Advising students against plagiarism

Vargas Llosa as cataloguer


Helsinki’s new library

The Olympics at the British Library

The Berlin 1936 Olympics in words and pictures

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