Latest Library Links 18th May 2016

Library Theory

Considering outreach assessment: strategies, sample scenarios, and a call to action

Everywhere, everywhen

Design thinking: one process, unlimited applications

Library Tech/Web

STM Tech Trends: 2020 outlook

Librarians’ practical 3D printing questions answered

Library and departmental change driven by migration to a cloud-based library management system

Four useful infographic design options

Collections / eResources

Digitizing Books, Obscuring Women’s Work: Google Books, Librarians, and Ideologies of Access

Cultural Heritage: Europeana’s 2016 Development Plans and Priorities

How would you teach a digital preservation graduate seminar?

British Library releases six endangered archives programme digital collections online + audio content

Bodleian libraries acquires rare map of Middle-earth annotated by Tolkien

Fragments in bindings

The Scottish Play and the real Macbeth

Adverts in 19th century travel books

Academic Libraries

Sheffield University’s HRI Digital to develop Oxeye: a new type of LMS

The audio and audio-visual book of the future – a symposium

Research data sharing and reuse practices of academic faculty researchers

Public Libraries

Books are back. Only the technodazzled thought they would go away

Information Literacy

Two digital literacy sites


Implementing RDA at the Library of Congress

Addressing the challenges with organizational identifiers and ISNI

The role of librarians in data science: a call to action

Reference Services Review, vol 44, issue 2, 2016


Fifty shades of open

Open access to research data: a pilot project in Sweden


British Library Labs roadshows

One hundred books by Asian authors

Tiebrary for job hunters

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