Latest Library Links 19th August 2016

Library Theory

IFLA guidelines for continuing professional development: principles and best practices

Five forthcoming webinars for librarians

IFLA Trend Report 2016

One person’s “it can’t be done” is another person’s “easy fix”

Look where all this talking got us

Library Tech/Web

Using Powerpoint as a design tool

Collections / eResources

Introducing the digital library of the Middle East

Are institutional repositories a dead end?

Developing a Data Vault at the University of Edinburgh

Born Digital news collections: new formats, new approaches

Archivists as maintainers

OldNYC – mapping historical photos from the NYPL in Google Maps-like format

Academic Libraries

Planning a digital scholarship centre

Public Libraries

Minutes of the ninth meeting of the Leadership for Libraries Taskforce

Prospects and strategies for deep collaboration in the galleries, libraries, archives and museums sector

Devices in libraries: trends and opportunities

Library dogs

Information Literacy

Try the new Learn My Way


A two-sided academic landscape: portrait of highly cited documents in Google Scholar 1950-2013

Ensuring the future of the digital scholarly record


Journal of Electronic Publishing special issue on the economics of publishing


Seven tips to read faster and still understand what you read

Are you emotionally attached to your books? [yes, next question!]

Pokemon Go: medieval edition

The puzzle book – the next page unlocks when you complete the previous puzzle

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