Latest Library Links 1st April 2016

Library Theory

Library leadership for the digital age

Does community participation scale to destination institutions?

Weave: Journal of Library User Experience, vol 1, issue 4, 2016

Library Tech/Web

Algorithms and libraries: a case for paying attention

Social media marketing in libraries

Minecraft helps children with autism build richer lives

Preparing for emerging trends

Collections / eResources

British Library ancient, medieval and early modern manuscripts digitisation master list

Harvard Library’s Environmental Scan of Web Archiving

Audiovisual archiving: philosophy and principles

Exploring Poetic Places app

Collection Development Roundup: 21 reports

The Canadian Research Knowledge Network Launches Public Index of Digitized Collections from Institutions Across Canada

Saving historic radio before it’s too late

History of the British steel industry

Fool’s Paradise

Academic Libraries

Digital humanities, digital hegemony: exploring funding practices and unequal access in the digital humanities

Journal of Academic Librarianship, vol 42, issue 2, Mar 2016

New book: Dynamic Research Support for Academic Libraries

Report: visit to the Diamond @ University of Sheffield

New book: Laying the Foundation: Digital Humanities in Academic Libraries

Pedagogy for Librarians course from Northern College

Public Libraries

Damning BBC Libraries Report
Data Set

Government consultation on public libraries

Why we need to save the Great British libraries

Closing libraries is a fine way to keep the poor powerless

Hijacking and Librarians

What does your library mean to you? (BBC)

What does your library mean to you? (Guardian)

List of UK volunteer libraries

New and refurbished libraries by authority

Information Literacy

The language of information literacy: do students understand?


Rosenbach lectures in bibliography

Measuring research output through bibliometrics

Alternatives, options and exceptions in RDA

Library of congress to cancel the subject heading “Illegal Aliens”


Academic libraries and copyright: do librarians really have the required knowledge


World Happiness Report 2016 (UK wedged between Singapore and Chile in 23rd place)

Rare example of Etruscan language found on stone hidden 2500 years ago

11 Shakespeare tragedies mapped out with data visualisations

The future, if literature was to be believed

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Latest Library Links 4th March 2016

Library Theory

Video recordings of four presentations by members of OCLC research at ALA Midwinter 2016

Professional reading for CPD

Peardrop issue 6 on the theme of libraries

Library Tech/Web

State of Connectivity 2015: a report on global internet access

Social media best practices

Three-dimensional science fiction: visualising IF magazine covers

I’m a librarian. Of tech, no books

How to make technology training fun for your library staff

Collections / eResources

The Research Ethics Library

British Library’s Endangered Archives blog

Web archiving at the National Library of Ireland

Interview with Taylor Kirch, Pandora music librarian

Academic Libraries

College and Research Libraries, vol 77, no 2, Mar 2016

Service +/- collaboration for digital humanities in the library

Scholarly metrics baseline: a survey of faculty knowledge, use and opinion about scholarly metrics

UCLA library works with faculty to cut students’ cost for course materials

Comics and the digital humanities

Public Libraries

World Book Day was this week

Are new libraries rarer than the giant panda?

Entries open for the CILIP Libraries Change Lives Award 2016

Information Literacy

The Reference Librarian, vol 57, issue 1, 2016


Merger of Library of Congress Dewey and CIP Sections

Connecting RDA and RDF: linked data for a wide world of connected possibilities

This aint no acrobatics


The EU Referendum explained

The House of Commons Library

30 best fantasy book series of all time

Mobile library in Dhaka

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Latest Library Links 12th February 2016

Library Theory

A decade in libraries

Things to tell new librarians

Webinar – Future-proof your library – Feb 23rd, 2pm EST (US)

Library Tech/Web

Hack your calendars

Wikipedia tools for Google spreadsheets

Collections / eResources

Merging Special Collections with GIS technology to enhance the user experience

National Library of Medicine presents MedPix

Highlights from the Rosa Parks Collection at LOC

3D-printed display lets blind people explore images by touch

UNESCO recognises Newton’s theological manuscripts as “memory of the world”

2015 disasters in numbers

Seeing Through Photographs MOOC from MoMA

Academic Libraries

Library-faculty partnerships enrich undergraduate teaching at Washington and Lee

US student group publishes report on textbook prices

Designing rich information experiences to shape learning outcomes

92% of college students prefer print books to ebooks, study finds c/o H Weller

Flood damages two thirds of book collection at University of Tennessee Chattanooga Library

Public Libraries

Guardian report of the Speak Up For Libraries lobby of Parliament
And from the Bookseller
Dawn Finch speech on the day
Speaking up for libraries: crisis or opportunity
Meet the two Elaine’s, speaking up for libraries

New Arcadia Leisure Centre and Library opens in Manchester

David Cameron accused of buying off Tory MPs in Council Spending

Off The Shelf: checking in at Bucharest libraries

Information Literacy

Embracing ephemerality in the digital humanities

On sale: Information Literacy and Data Literacy: The role of the library


To Hell With Good Intentions: Linked Data, Community and the Power to Name


Open access to research publications: independent advice

Video presentations from University of Chicago Library Symposium on the changing ecosystem of scholarly publishing

New report looks at Ebook market in Europe

Researcher illegally shares millions of science papers free online to spread knowledge c/o S Robinson

Publishing as pedagogy: connecting library services and technology

Google ‘right to be forgotten’ to be applied more widely

Librarians and vendors


International Book Giving day – 14th Feb

National Libraries Day: 10 best on screen librarians

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Latest Library Links 5th February 2016

Library Theory

Listen online: LJ’s 2016 Librarian of the Year, Nicolle Ingui Davies interview

Marketing to millennials – five strategies

Library Tech/Web

Emerging technology for librarians: keeping up and staying fresh

Using networks to re-think periodization

12 tips to better writing for the mobile web

10 new Twitter tools

Collections / eResources

Using data visualization to examine an academic library collection

The facilitated collection

Guided interactive tour of the Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch (select English language in top right of the page) c/o S Long

The invisible digital divide in libraries

Inside the New South Wales State Library’s $72 Million Digitisation Program

Race to save ancient Islamic manuscripts from terrorists who want them destroyed

Antiquities Coalition releases “mapping culture under threat” resource

New journal: Manuscript Studies from the Shoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies

University of Toronto aquires the world’s largest collection of Chinese restaurant menus c/o S Robinson

Digital Only: Google Begins Experiment to “Explore the Potential of Digital Books” as New Online Bookstore Opens

Academic Libraries

NMC Horizon Report – 2016 Higher Education edition

Incentivizing open research practices through peer review

Peer Review Quality and Transparency of the Peer-Review Process in Open Access and Subscription Journals

Digital badges: preparing subject librarians for an evolving research environment

Staffordshire University Library Teachmeet

Glasgow Caledonian University launches EdShare@GCU

20th Annual SEDA Conference; a personal view

How Germany made higher education free

Public Libraries

Reasons for public libraries

Swindon to close or voluntarise 14 out of 15 libraries

‘Libraries have betrayed publishers’, festival hears

Dubai to build DH1billion library shaped like a book [images]

Speaking volumes

10 people who educated themselves with only a library card

Information Literacy

Intellectual freedom associations: resources for online research


Code4Lib Issue 31 online now

Visualize better looking data for your library

Exploration and visualization in the web of big linked data

Open data across Canada – a snapshot


Self-publishing, authorpreneurs and libraries

Are paper books really disappearing?


Lasers reveal ‘lost’ Roman roads

Glasgow Women’s Library and the Suffragette Oak

First annual Chris Sheppard Lecture: Sophie Hannah

How one company designed the bookshelves that made America’s biggest libraries possible

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Latest Library Links 22nd January 2016

Library Theory

The quest for diversity in library staffing: from awareness to action

Mental health in LIS
And more mental health in LIS

Librarians still matter in a self-serve world

The E’s of libraries

Six design resources for librarians

Library Tech/Web

World Bank produces report: “Digital World”

Crossing borders in Digital Humanities

Six slick improvements for 2016

Codex hackathon, a two-day marathon of tech for books

Not using HTTPS is like…

Oscobo for private searching

Collections / eResources

Evaluating open access journals using Semantic Web technologies and scorecards

Takedown and today’s academic digital library

Europeana collections website now live

Shakespeare Documented now live

DIY Online Exhibitions

Penn Libraries’ OPenn Manuscript Portal to Host the Country’s Largest Regional Collections of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts

LGBT history project inspires new online archive

Harvard Law School to digitise entire collection of US Case Law

Academic Libraries

UKSG webinar on Learning Analytics

Using technology to extend your reach beyond the classroom

Rewarding excellent teachers may not improve teaching much

Towards automated study guides for MOOCs

Public Libraries

Essential digital infrastructure for public libraries in England

Speak Up For Libraries lobby of parliament – 9th Feb

Reading Agency support #MyLibraryByRight

Society of Chief Librarians’ commitment to library services

Creating the public library of the future

Access to Research in public libraries given green light to continue

Barclays and the library marketing opportunity

Halifax champions digital skills in first libraries partnership

Bradford council to hold consultation on the future of libraries

Information Literacy

Shakespeare’s Othello and modern information literacy


How and why you should manage your research data: a guide for researchers


Time for a single copyright framework for libraries and archives

OCLC on making Research Data Management sustainable

Dutch EU presidency to aim at open access to science journals

Securing the future of open access policies

Criteria for open access and publishing


The great library of Alexandria was destroyed by budget cuts, not fire

Express yourshelf

Selection of David Bowie archive material

Remembering David Bowie through his 100 favourite books

A book from foetal tissue?

Novel about Jewish-Palestinian love affair is barred from Israeli curriculum

Edgar Allan Poe’s Time Machine

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