Latest Library Links 2nd September 2016

Library Theory

Selling skills outside of libraries

When Libraries don’t provide value

A new venture in training

Library Tech/Web

Digital champions sharing skills in libraries around the country

The decentralised web

Collections / eResources

Improving access to the British Library’s digitised manuscripts

Introducing a digital anthology of early modern English drama

Oxford bibliographies now free

Our Shakespeare – collaboration between Library of Birmingham and the British Library

SherlockNet: tagging and captioning the British Library’s Flickr images

Victorian cloth bindings

Dogs of the Wellcome Library

The Great Fire of London

Academic Libraries

Academic library website functions in the context of users’ information needs

ACRL on the value of academic libraries

Examining student perception of an open statistics book

Books to be included in the World University Rankings analysis for the first time

Public Libraries

Demonstration for Libraries, Museums and Galleries – London, Nov 5th

Increased reading and literacy: how libraries deliver

Resources on how museums and galleries become participatory places

Jeremy Corbyn backs national library demonstration

Public libraries, police and the normalisation of surveillance

150 free things that public libraries offer


23 Reasons To Get Excited About Data – free ebook


The Post-Embargo Open Access Citation Advantage

End of publication? Open access and a new scholarly communication technology


The great British bread-cake debate

Italian government to give teens €500 to spend on books for their 18th birthday

The great medieval bake off

Storytellers without borders

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