Latest Library Links 16th September 2016

Library Theory

Introducing the Open Library Foundation

Pew Research – Libraries 2016

Seven surprising benefits of Maker Spaces

Library Tech/Web

Women’s rights online: The digital gender gap audit

Itcher – a recommendation engine

A video introduction to Yandex

Sex and sexuality: the Jane Austen game breaking all the MMO rules

Collections / eResources

SPEC Kit 352: collection assessment

MIT uses radiation to read closed books

New MoMA digital archive

D-Lib Magazine, vol 22, no 9/10, 2016.

A new way of navigating the BBC’s archive of permanently available programmes

The Digital Transgender Archive

PubMed Journals

Doing “not being a book”

The Somme in the UK Web Archive

Controversial Maya Codex is the real deal after all

Open Library of the Humanities year one

Start saying goodbye to eBook pagination

Snakes, mandrakes and Centaurs: medieval herbal now online

Academic Libraries

World QS University rankings released

Cambridge University Press launches Cambridge Core – all CUP academic content in one place

Digital student skills survey

Applications of student data in higher education

Video games can have lasting impact on learning

Public Libraries

A rallying cry against library volunteers

Libraries and literacy crucial for the health of the nation

The time of the library is now

Information Literacy

There’s a digital outcome for that

What makes a successful online learner


500 new words added to OED

Paralympics memories at the British Library

Handy Pokemon Go tips

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