Latest Library Links 29th July 2016

Library Theory

What is UX and how can it help your organisation

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, vol 11, no 2, 2016.

Library 2.016 – Libraries of the Future

Open environments contribute to creativity

Resurgent libraries turn a whisper in to a roar

The future of libraries is bigger than books

Staff expertise makes a difference

Library Tech/Web

British Library Labs competition 2016

Responding to viral trends

Top 10 emerging tech trends of 2016

Wearable technology resources

Creating immersive experiences in libraries

The Sourcecaster

How to see everything Google knows about you

New study highlights power of crowd to transmit news on Twitter

Everything librarians need to know about Pokemon Go

Collections / eResources

Digital Preservation Handbook, 2nd edition free online

The evolution of content curation: a librarian’s guide

Hacking heritage: power and participation in digital cultural collections

Looking for open digital collections

Refugee global trends report from UN

Massive open access database on human cultures created

What does audience-centred look like? It looks like Glasgow museums

An Anglo-Saxon sketch of the solar system

Smithsonian digitises its 1 millionth object

Vatican digitises 1600 year old edition of Virgil

9000 images now online in New Zealand Birds Online

Academic Libraries

Academic Librarianship and the Future

Measuring the impact of digitised theses

Assessing the user experience of E-Books in academic libraries

The academic librarian in Singapore

Gathering the needles: evaluating the impact of gold standard open access content with traditional subscription journals

Replacing school libraries with maker-spaces – a worrisome tale

Public Libraries

The development of digital literacy and inclusion skills of public librarians

Creating Space: The Impacts of Spatial Arrangements in Public Library Makerspaces

Not very subtle: new Minister for Libraries is also minister for volunteers

Syria’s secret library


Why libraries are everywhere in the Czech Republic

Information Literacy

Five tips for teaching digital literacy to non-English speakers

Overcoming Information Poverty on sale


Analysis of international linked data survey for implementers

Open access metadata for journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals

The last of the rare book cataloguers



A new venture in training

Library’s sweet new design: uses ice-cream tubs as walls

The best cities in the world for book lovers

The most feared books of all time

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