Latest Library Links 1st May 2016

Library Theory

MIT Librarians on the future of libraries

Video Recording of “Welcome to DPLAfest 2016″ Session Now Available Online

Designing for a happiness experience

Libraries without boundaries

Library Tech/Web

Is your library mobile friendly?

Building a static website with Github and Jekyll

Snapchat content ideas for libraries

Ditto – clipboard manager

Online infographics makers comparison

Collections / eResources

Implications of archival labour

Free Europe Committee digital collection of encrypted Cold War messages

Vodafone and British Library create interactive digital library / wallpaper of Shakespeare’s works

Shakespeare Timeline from University of London

The Librarian Who Saved Timbuktu’s Cultural Treasures From al Qaeda

TV and Film locations map

Back to the land! History of the allotment movement and campaigns for a Land Value Tax

1000th deathday of Aethelred the Unready

International Workers’ Day from TUC Archive

Much ado about something, possibly

Second world war “fight for freedom” publications

Academic Libraries

Developing Library GIS Services for Humanities and Social Science: An Action Research Approach

Academic librarians’ changing perceptions of faculty status and tenure

Videos: Scholarly Record for Computational Research; Libraries & Multidisciplinary Research

New Video Takes a Look at the Weston Library, Part of University of Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries

Public Libraries

Taking part: focus on Libraries

The rise of pirate libraries

Suspected right-wing vandals burnt Kerala library, people donate books with a vengeance

Railway station turned in to library and cultural centre

Information Literacy


International Alliance of Research Library Associations Endorse Open Data Accord

Code4Lib Journal issue 32

The role of librarians in data science

Diamonds are forever. What about research data?

New RFID procurement guide for libraries


How the Librarian/Publisher Relationship Can Facilitate the Development of the Information Literacy Curriculum

Librarians as content producers

Freedom of the Press 2016 – global press freedom at lowest point for 12 years Also World Press Freedom Index from Reporters Without Borders


Great writers’ handwriting

Weeding the worst library books

Shakespeare selfie

Five left field libraries

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