Latest Library Links 1st April 2016

Library Theory

Library leadership for the digital age

Does community participation scale to destination institutions?

Weave: Journal of Library User Experience, vol 1, issue 4, 2016

Library Tech/Web

Algorithms and libraries: a case for paying attention

Social media marketing in libraries

Minecraft helps children with autism build richer lives

Preparing for emerging trends

Collections / eResources

British Library ancient, medieval and early modern manuscripts digitisation master list

Harvard Library’s Environmental Scan of Web Archiving

Audiovisual archiving: philosophy and principles

Exploring Poetic Places app

Collection Development Roundup: 21 reports

The Canadian Research Knowledge Network Launches Public Index of Digitized Collections from Institutions Across Canada

Saving historic radio before it’s too late

History of the British steel industry

Fool’s Paradise

Academic Libraries

Digital humanities, digital hegemony: exploring funding practices and unequal access in the digital humanities

Journal of Academic Librarianship, vol 42, issue 2, Mar 2016

New book: Dynamic Research Support for Academic Libraries

Report: visit to the Diamond @ University of Sheffield

New book: Laying the Foundation: Digital Humanities in Academic Libraries

Pedagogy for Librarians course from Northern College

Public Libraries

Damning BBC Libraries Report
Data Set

Government consultation on public libraries

Why we need to save the Great British libraries

Closing libraries is a fine way to keep the poor powerless

Hijacking and Librarians

What does your library mean to you? (BBC)

What does your library mean to you? (Guardian)

List of UK volunteer libraries

New and refurbished libraries by authority

Information Literacy

The language of information literacy: do students understand?


Rosenbach lectures in bibliography

Measuring research output through bibliometrics

Alternatives, options and exceptions in RDA

Library of congress to cancel the subject heading “Illegal Aliens”


Academic libraries and copyright: do librarians really have the required knowledge


World Happiness Report 2016 (UK wedged between Singapore and Chile in 23rd place)

Rare example of Etruscan language found on stone hidden 2500 years ago

11 Shakespeare tragedies mapped out with data visualisations

The future, if literature was to be believed

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