Latest Library Links 12th February 2016

Library Theory

A decade in libraries

Things to tell new librarians

Webinar – Future-proof your library – Feb 23rd, 2pm EST (US)

Library Tech/Web

Hack your calendars

Wikipedia tools for Google spreadsheets

Collections / eResources

Merging Special Collections with GIS technology to enhance the user experience

National Library of Medicine presents MedPix

Highlights from the Rosa Parks Collection at LOC

3D-printed display lets blind people explore images by touch

UNESCO recognises Newton’s theological manuscripts as “memory of the world”

2015 disasters in numbers

Seeing Through Photographs MOOC from MoMA

Academic Libraries

Library-faculty partnerships enrich undergraduate teaching at Washington and Lee

US student group publishes report on textbook prices

Designing rich information experiences to shape learning outcomes

92% of college students prefer print books to ebooks, study finds c/o H Weller

Flood damages two thirds of book collection at University of Tennessee Chattanooga Library

Public Libraries

Guardian report of the Speak Up For Libraries lobby of Parliament
And from the Bookseller
Dawn Finch speech on the day
Speaking up for libraries: crisis or opportunity
Meet the two Elaine’s, speaking up for libraries

New Arcadia Leisure Centre and Library opens in Manchester

David Cameron accused of buying off Tory MPs in Council Spending

Off The Shelf: checking in at Bucharest libraries

Information Literacy

Embracing ephemerality in the digital humanities

On sale: Information Literacy and Data Literacy: The role of the library


To Hell With Good Intentions: Linked Data, Community and the Power to Name


Open access to research publications: independent advice

Video presentations from University of Chicago Library Symposium on the changing ecosystem of scholarly publishing

New report looks at Ebook market in Europe

Researcher illegally shares millions of science papers free online to spread knowledge c/o S Robinson

Publishing as pedagogy: connecting library services and technology

Google ‘right to be forgotten’ to be applied more widely

Librarians and vendors


International Book Giving day – 14th Feb

National Libraries Day: 10 best on screen librarians

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