Latest Library Links 5th February 2016

Library Theory

Listen online: LJ’s 2016 Librarian of the Year, Nicolle Ingui Davies interview

Marketing to millennials – five strategies

Library Tech/Web

Emerging technology for librarians: keeping up and staying fresh

Using networks to re-think periodization

12 tips to better writing for the mobile web

10 new Twitter tools

Collections / eResources

Using data visualization to examine an academic library collection

The facilitated collection

Guided interactive tour of the Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch (select English language in top right of the page) c/o S Long

The invisible digital divide in libraries

Inside the New South Wales State Library’s $72 Million Digitisation Program

Race to save ancient Islamic manuscripts from terrorists who want them destroyed

Antiquities Coalition releases “mapping culture under threat” resource

New journal: Manuscript Studies from the Shoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies

University of Toronto aquires the world’s largest collection of Chinese restaurant menus c/o S Robinson

Digital Only: Google Begins Experiment to “Explore the Potential of Digital Books” as New Online Bookstore Opens

Academic Libraries

NMC Horizon Report – 2016 Higher Education edition

Incentivizing open research practices through peer review

Peer Review Quality and Transparency of the Peer-Review Process in Open Access and Subscription Journals

Digital badges: preparing subject librarians for an evolving research environment

Staffordshire University Library Teachmeet

Glasgow Caledonian University launches EdShare@GCU

20th Annual SEDA Conference; a personal view

How Germany made higher education free

Public Libraries

Reasons for public libraries

Swindon to close or voluntarise 14 out of 15 libraries

‘Libraries have betrayed publishers’, festival hears

Dubai to build DH1billion library shaped like a book [images]

Speaking volumes

10 people who educated themselves with only a library card

Information Literacy

Intellectual freedom associations: resources for online research


Code4Lib Issue 31 online now

Visualize better looking data for your library

Exploration and visualization in the web of big linked data

Open data across Canada – a snapshot


Self-publishing, authorpreneurs and libraries

Are paper books really disappearing?


Lasers reveal ‘lost’ Roman roads

Glasgow Women’s Library and the Suffragette Oak

First annual Chris Sheppard Lecture: Sophie Hannah

How one company designed the bookshelves that made America’s biggest libraries possible

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3 Responses to Latest Library Links 5th February 2016

  1. Anabel Marsh says:

    Thank you for including the Suffragette Oak link. We need lots of votes to become European Tree of the Year!


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