Latest Library Links 22nd January 2016

Library Theory

The quest for diversity in library staffing: from awareness to action

Mental health in LIS
And more mental health in LIS

Librarians still matter in a self-serve world

The E’s of libraries

Six design resources for librarians

Library Tech/Web

World Bank produces report: “Digital World”

Crossing borders in Digital Humanities

Six slick improvements for 2016

Codex hackathon, a two-day marathon of tech for books

Not using HTTPS is like…

Oscobo for private searching

Collections / eResources

Evaluating open access journals using Semantic Web technologies and scorecards

Takedown and today’s academic digital library

Europeana collections website now live

Shakespeare Documented now live

DIY Online Exhibitions

Penn Libraries’ OPenn Manuscript Portal to Host the Country’s Largest Regional Collections of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts

LGBT history project inspires new online archive

Harvard Law School to digitise entire collection of US Case Law

Academic Libraries

UKSG webinar on Learning Analytics

Using technology to extend your reach beyond the classroom

Rewarding excellent teachers may not improve teaching much

Towards automated study guides for MOOCs

Public Libraries

Essential digital infrastructure for public libraries in England

Speak Up For Libraries lobby of parliament – 9th Feb

Reading Agency support #MyLibraryByRight

Society of Chief Librarians’ commitment to library services

Creating the public library of the future

Access to Research in public libraries given green light to continue

Barclays and the library marketing opportunity

Halifax champions digital skills in first libraries partnership

Bradford council to hold consultation on the future of libraries

Information Literacy

Shakespeare’s Othello and modern information literacy


How and why you should manage your research data: a guide for researchers


Time for a single copyright framework for libraries and archives

OCLC on making Research Data Management sustainable

Dutch EU presidency to aim at open access to science journals

Securing the future of open access policies

Criteria for open access and publishing


The great library of Alexandria was destroyed by budget cuts, not fire

Express yourshelf

Selection of David Bowie archive material

Remembering David Bowie through his 100 favourite books

A book from foetal tissue?

Novel about Jewish-Palestinian love affair is barred from Israeli curriculum

Edgar Allan Poe’s Time Machine

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