Latest Library Links 8th January 2016

Library Theory

Imagining Library 4.0: Creating a Model for Future Libraries

KonMari in web librarianship

Meet the “In The Library With the Lead Pipe” Team

Is anyone emotionally connected to a library?

Library Tech/Web

3D printer handyman’s toolbox

A quick review of Moto 360 v1.0

Five tech trends to watch in 2016

How to handle complaints via social media

Collections / eResources

After Access: libraries and digital empowerment

Aligning repository networks

Fordham University launch Bronx Black History archive

British Library putting “very big” royal atlas online

Academic Libraries

Journal of Academic Librarianship, vol 42, no 1, 2016

College and Research Libraries, vol 77, no 1, 2016

ARL releases final report on library liaison roles

Public Libraries

CIPFA library stats – a race to the bottom

My library by right!

Five ideas to improve your library’s Facebook page

Amazon lockers in British libraries

Interview with Bruno Racine, Director of the National Library of France

Information Literacy

A survey of librarian perceptions of information literacy techniques


A linked data journey with Julie Hardesty

Data on the web: best practices

Ranking search results in library information systems


Launch of White Rose University Press


Politiwoops – database of deleted tweets by politicians across 32 nations

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