Latest Library Links 18th December 2015

Library Theory

Shaping the library to the life of the user

Six online resources for keeping up with library trends

IFLA launches new toolkit to support immediate advocacy for access to information

Self assessment is central to intrinsic motivation

Scandinavian Library Quarterly, vol 48, no 4, 2015

Library Tech/Web

Why GLAM Wiki

Say What? Exploring “the most interesting place in the city” – the comments section of online news articles

Social media curation tool

Six tips for better videos

How mobile users discover, engage and abandon apps

Collections / eResources

Traces of the old, uses of the new now available

Old Book Illustrations

World Glacier Monitoring Service launch app

Academic Libraries

Research data management self-education for librarians

Policies and background literature for self-education on research data management: an annotated bibliography

Why students choose to use library resources

Do your students know how to evaluate a website

Nine resources to flip your classroom

Public Libraries

Libraries Shaping the Future toolkit

CILIP shows some teeth

CILIP campaign site

Using impact data in advocacy

Speak Up For Libraries lobby of parliament day announced

Libraries as creative hubs

Top public library trends of 2015

Information Literacy

Metaliteracy in Practice published


Pearson woes deepen over UK ebook price row

Creative commons licences


The Jedi are the best library patrons in the universe

Choose the perfect board game this Christmas

The beautiful and horrific artwork of Zdzislaw Beksinski

Amazing Harry Potter book sculpture

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