Latest Library Links 11th December 2015

Library Theory

UX Librarians – more than a trend

Library Tech/Web

Nominet 100 – 100 examples of ditial technologies being used to tackle social challenges

Library 3D printing democratizes creation

Five emerging trends in search

LITA bloggers reflect on LITA Forum 2015

Collections / eResources

Digital sources and digital archives: the evidentiary basis of digital history

Toronto’s Digital Innovation Hub

Digitising history: the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission Archive

Every FDR speech now online

Academic Libraries

The academic library job market is broken

When and why should research data be sustained?

Research data in core journals in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics

Open educational resources – a catalyst for innovation

It takes an ocean not to break

Public Libraries

Future of council-run libraries under threat after £50m slashed from budgets

Public libraries must take a stand with the big 5 on eBooks

The harrowing of the public library service

Information Literacy

Journal of Information Literacy vol 9, no 2, 2015

Staying afloat in a sea of information


Measuring the value of contributed metadata in web scale discovery services


Dutch Universities and Elsevier reach agreement in principle on Open Access and subscription


What to do when the budget has been crushed

Information Is Beautiful 2015 awards

Best books of 2015:

New York Times

Guardian Readers

Guardian Critics

Vanity Fair

Wall Street Journal

Daily Express

Daily Telegraph

Redosiris is currently reading The Three by Sarah Lotz

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