Latest Library Links, 23rd October 2015

Library Theory

A Critical Take on Open Educational Resources Practices: Interrogating Commercialization, Colonialism, and Content

Empowering librarianship through UX and ethnography

Information Search Process

Library Tech/Web

Online Information Review, vol 39, no 5, 2015 (special issue on Open Access)

Interacting with patrons through their mobile devices: NFC Tags

Paper of tablet? Reading recall and comprehension

The changing world of search

The digital workplace: Can your intranet do more to drive engagement?

DH Commons Journal Issue 1

Eight ways to humanise your digital branch

Facebook to improve search facility

Collections / eResources

National Audit of UK Sound Collections, Final Report

Google’s book scanning project legal

Rare books gifs from University of Iowa Special Collections Tumblr

Gabriel Garcia Marquez Archive opens at University of Texas

Academic Libraries

Institutions and managing research data

Research Data Management: roles for libraries

UK researchers will now benefit from innovative open access agreement between Springer and Jisc

Using Prezi in the academic library

10 tips for effective learning

Public Libraries

What have they done to my library?

Libraries as fun palaces

Dudley libraries to be mutualised

Information Literacy

Modelling the information seeking patterns of engineers and research scientists in an industrial environment

Working on Understanding During Collaborative Online Reading

Supporting information literacy in MOOC learning

Designing Twitter training for the terrified


Code4Lib Issue 30

Online Tool Aims to Help Researchers Sift Through 15 Centuries of Data

Using free and open source software to open data


Review of the EU Copyright Framework


Marketing Excellence Awards 2015

Staff shortages forcing prisoners to choose between books and showers

What happens to your body when you read a book

Before Google there was the librarian

Christopher Walken reads “The Raven” by Poe

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