Latest Library Links 25th September 2015

Library Theory

Monitoring the transition to Open Access in the UK

Library feminism and library women’s history: activism and scholarship, equity and culture

Why UX is not about design

What we talk about when we talk about MOOCs

A true 21st Century Library

Library Tech/Web

How to start a 3D printing program at your library

Measuring the verifiability in online information

Putting pen to paper

Eight possible future library technologies

Step by step guide to personal digital archiving

Google Drive cheat-sheet

Sonic Pi live coding synth

Collections / eResources

Predicting course outcomes with digital textbook usage data

National Library of Scotland launches digital strategy for the next 10 years

Introducing Git-Lit

Open Access and Discovery Tools: How do Primo Libraries Manage Green Open Access Collections?

Scientists create the first digital ‘tree of life’ for 2.3million species

American Numismatic Society launches Open Access Digital Library

Paper museum goes digital

Academic Libraries

Digital humanities are alive and well and blooming: now what?

Learning theories map

What percentage of citations made by researchers is to freely available content

The best free web tools for engaging students in 1:1 classrooms

Digital humanities might never be evenly distributed

Public Libraries

National Library of Wales facing insolvency

Community libraries – a dutch model

Next Library: from global inspiration to local action

Share The Vision – a site dedicated to provide guidance for frontline library staff

Information Literacy

MOOC for librarians, on literature searching

European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL) program now available

Planting the seeds for data literacy: lessons learned from a student centred education program


Is it time to forget Big Data and focus on real people?

A linked data journey: introduction

Getting emotional about data

Addressing software code as data: an embedded librarian approach


Do you love your library?

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