Latest Library Links 18th September 2015

Library Theory

Feminisms in Digital Humanities: Special issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly

Information Research, vol 20, no 3, Sep 2015

Library management in disruptive times published

ALA Webinars coming up

Library Tech/Web

Creating high-quality online video tutorials

What exactly is the Internet of Things?

Collections / eResources

The future of institutional repositories at small academic institutions

Considering the scholarly edition in the digital age

ScienceOpen Hits the 10 Million Article Mark

Enhancing the LOCKSS Digital Preservation Technology

The Rise and Fall of Text on the Web: a Quantitative Study of Web Archives

Academic Libraries

Closing the gap in Librarian, faculty views of Academic Libraries

IMLS report: Learning in Libraries

The presence of high-impact factor open access journals in STEM disciplines

Reuters Top 100 Innovative Universities

10 trends shaping the future of education

Public Libraries

Speak Up For Libraries Conference 2015 – booking now open (14th November)

Lack of digital library investment “pushing” users away

John Whittingdale sets out his priorities for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport

UK and China sign memorandum of understanding on libraries and other areas

Libraries at the Crossroads

Kirklees to lose two-thirds of professional run libraries

Government figures are a nonsense

Information Literacy

Information Literacy in the UK… in Vienna


A human rights perspective on data sharing


Are publishers really hoodwinking academics? (response to last week’s article)

Whatever happened to Google Books


Neil Gaiman on reading

The saddest bookworm

The psychology of colours in marketing

Redosiris is currently reading A People’s History of Scotland by Chris Bambery

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