Latest Library Links 10th July 2015

Library Tech / Web

Web for Wearables: lessons learned from Google Glass

SEDA on LinkedIn

2015 Internet Trends Report – simplified and designed

When celebrating accessible Technology is just reinforcing ableism

Grasping for the Cloud

What are Office 365 Groups?

Top 20 trends in Cloud services by 2020

Collections / eResources

New online portal for digital collections from Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries

Catholic parish registers in Ireland from 1740s on published online today

Can Wikipedia survive?

Microsoft open sources WorldWide Telescope

Rare Kafka manuscripts go to Israel’s national library

500 new words added to OED

David Livingstone Archive now online

James A. Michener Art Museum Launches Google Art Project Street View and Gigapixel Imagery

Academic Libraries

A quiet culture war in research libraries

Revising academic library governance handbooks

Lights, Camera, Action Plans!

Dutch universities start their Elsevier boycott plan

Links from the European Health Librarians Conference

Reference Services Review, vol 43, no 3

Public Libraries

Caught in the middle: Librarians on the debate over LGBT Children’s books

Information Literacy

Communications in Information Literacy, vol 9, no 1, 2015

The relationship between ESOL learning and information literacy


How to track the impact of research data with metrics

A review of the literature on citation impact indicators

Publishing and GITenberg Join Together to Form Free Ebook Foundation

US libraries as publishers: status and concerns


The evolution of science fiction

63 Marvel/DC LGBT characters

When American librarians went to war

Weird questions real people asked librarians before the internet

Book-swap buses in Gloucester

Redosiris is currently reading Yips by Nicola Barker

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