Latest Library Links 12th June 2015

Library Theory

How do libraries manage the ethical and privacy issues of RFID implementation

Rethinking citation linkers & A-Z lists

How do users search and discover?

Patron privacy

Library Tech / Web

Data reinvents for the 21st century

List of social media policies

Library and Information Technology Association Annual Report 2014-2015

Google’s “My Account” page as a model for libraries

Intranetters meeting

Where the digital economy is moving fastest

Interactive posters with Thinglink

Storing photographs – the alternatives

Collections / eResources

Report on remote Ebook lending pilots

The Internet of Things: totally new and 100 years old

Five highlights from SCL’s “Digital Landscapes”

European Documentation Centres: what are the for, what is their future?

New database of wildlife photographs from the Serengeti

US worker safety groups release fatality database

NASA Dataset of global climate projections

Ancient papyrus texts found in Basel university

Academic Libraries

National Library of Medicine releases final report on its future

Videos from IMLS 2015

Incorporating a research-minded approach to professional practice

Teaching in a digital age (TiDA) launched

LIS DREaM Project

27 things the teacher librarian does

Public Libraries

EveryLibrary announced


On praxis and practice

Michigan launches open-data mapping portal


The oligopoly of academic publishers in the digital era

Protect reader privacy with referrer meta tags


US libraries salary survey

Would you ask a librarian for a lapdance?

Redosiris is currently reading Ragnarok by A S Byatt

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