Latest Library Links 5th June 2015

Library Theory

Building the introverted library scene

Soliciting performance, hiding bias: whiteness and librarianship

Towards the post-privacy library

Rethink the staff workplace

Libraries could outlast the internet

Sharing designerly advice

Library A-Z: Crowdsourced advocacy

10 ideas for bringing museums in to the 21st century

Library Tech / Web

Library Technology Reports, vol 51, no 4, 2015

Managing Discovery and linking services

Illinois iConference 2015 papers

On Twitter

Exploring the ‘next nature’ that people and technology are creating

How often should libraries post to social media?

Using Trello for collaborative task management

Internet Trends 2015

Learn to love your local data

Collections / eResources

Ebooks: histories, trajectories, futures


Experiencing archives at universities

Global marine data to become unified and accessible

Academic Libraries

Student veterans and the academic library

Public Libraries

Ed Vaizey “keen” on national library framework

How libraries in Germany are fighting extinction – and winning

Scottish Libraries national strategy

Public libraries around the world

South west library views

Calls for a national library card


Reference services review, vol 43, issue 2, 2015

Dewey by the numbers

Information Literacy

‘There could be trouble ahead’. Threshold Concepts, Troublesome Knowledge and Information Literacy – a current debate


What is the future for ISBN?

Copyright – it’s all fun and games

Orphan works and mass digitisation

Library patron privacy in publisher systems


Metamophosis read by Benedict Cumberbatch – 5 days left to listen

How to make your workplace more friendly to deaf and partially hearing people

Library of Congress magazine March/April 2015

Images for library use

A beehive IN a library?

Personal library of James Farley

Redosiris is currently reading The Old Ways by Robert MacFarlane

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