Latest Library Links 15th May 2015

Library Theory

The Hague Declaration on Knowledge Discovery In The Digital Age Launches

Five questions to ask before you say yes

Interview with Ned Potter for the NLPN

Library Tech / Web

What does the new government mean for digital libraries?

Presentations at Computers in Libraries 2015

Top 10 emerging technologies 2015

What librarians need to know about HTTPS

Google continues to destroy its own search engine

3D printing questions

Collections / eResources

On approaches to bridging the gap in access to licensed resources

National Library of Scotland opens up access to unique political papers

Searching UK national and 384 regional newspapers resource

International Journal of Digital Curation vol 10, no 1, 2015

Digital Public Library of America Launches Pinterest Page

Listen to More Than 100 Past Lectures From the Rare Book School at University of Virginia

Inside the Gabriel García Márquez Archive

Entire Harper’s Bazaar Archive to be Accessible for First Time Online

Academic Libraries

Thomson Reuters Releases 2015 Academic Reputation Survey Findings

University Faculty Awareness and Attitudes Towards Open Access Publishing and the Institutional Repository

Resources for pedagogy in higher education

Public Libraries

An introduction to Pinterest for Libraries

Five more years!

Library of the Year Bookseller award goes to….

Whittingdale in culture role

The rise of the private library

You can’t defend public libraries and oppose file sharing


Shared Shelf, the Next-Generation Art and Image Cataloging System, Goes Online

A New Edition of Open Data Handbook is Now Available Online

Essentials for Data Support: Training the Front Office


The state of digital publishing in Canada


Benedict Cumberbatch to read Kafka’s Metamorposis on BBC Radio

The most beautiful paragraphs?

Improbable libraries

Tunnel of books

Redosiris is currently reading Yorkshire In Verse edited by Ian Hamilton

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