Latest Library Links 1st May 2015

Library Theory

Reconceptualising “Fit”: theory, practice, praxis

Incorporating sustainable assessment through kindness audits

The information professions: knowledge, memory, heritage

Building community: who / how / why

Bibliotech review of Why Libraries Matter More Than Ever in the Age of Google by John Palfrey

Library Tech / Web

Library technology reports and Smart Libraries Newsletter

Guide to computers in Libraries 2015

On #mashcat and building the unified library scene

Elections, politicians and the internet: a history of failure

UK Election: which party website has the best performance

Meme creation tools

80 useful Twitter tools

Collections / eResources

Database of Soviet-era diaries in Russian available online

Trade Union history collection

BBC online guide to each party manifesto

UK General Election archive of results

New Book: What is the internet of things?

Academic Libraries

Presentations From Center For Research Libraries 2015 Global Collections 2015

Blogging to publicise research

Creating a gaming analysis lab in an academic library

Game based learning : tips and trends

Public Libraries

When librarians should fear the quiet

Tigo transforms street library in to Ghana’s first digital mobile library

Information Literacy

SLA Europe & CILIP event: Information Literacy in the Workplace

CILIP event: Information Literacy at the interface: learning from practice in the classroom and employment


Library of Congress: Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Data Block to be revised summer 2015


Disrupting The Subscription Journals’ Business Model For The Necessary Large-Scale Transformation To Open Access

Four facets of privacy and intellectual freedom in licensing contracts for electronic journals

Science Europe principles on Open Access Publisher Services


General election 2015 – vote libraries

The Ars Technica Guide to digital policy at the General Election

The best selling and “significant” books of the 20th century (in the US), year by year

18 election leaflet feailures c/o H Weller

Book mugs c/o H Weller

The i09 guide to Discworld

The Library that lets you borrow a sledgehammer

Redosiris is currently reading Private Island by James Meek

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