Latest Library Links 20th March 2015

Library Theory

Augmented reality as an entry to learning experiences

Seven challenges for librarians from SXSW

Information Services Today: new publication out now

Library Tech / Web

D-Lib Magazine, vol 21, no 3/4, Mar 2015

The computer generated cookbook

Collections / eResources

The future of library resource discovery

Enhancing access to Ebooks

UNESCO launches open data portal

Availability and accessibility in an open access institutional repository: a case study

National Museum of African Art launches its first online exhibition

Academic Libraries

Going Open Source: Koha in an Academic Library

College and Research Libraries, vol 76, no 3, 2015 (75th anniversary issue)
And, essays in celebration of

Personalising post-secondary education

Creative library teaching workshop in Leeds, 18th May 2015

The innovative library classroom 2015

Public Libraries

Advocacy under austerity

£7.4m for Wifi and success in the arts

Open doors at Leeds Library

US public libraries begin offering 3D printing

Information Literacy

Expressing emotions in information sharing: a study of online discussion about immigration


NISO launches three new projects on standards


Do Open Access Electronic Theses and Dissertations Diminish Publishing Opportunities in the Sciences?

A Window into the Early American Book Trade


The amazing drinkable book!

Cervantes tomb found in Spain

A plotting of fiction genres

The anatomy of a book – part 1

It’s never too late to write

Redosiris is currently reading On Liberty by Shami Chakrabarti

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