Latest Library Links 13th March 2015

Library Theory

#DitchTheSurvey: Expanding Methodological Diversity in LIS Research

Jisc: Code of practice for Learning Analytics

Library and Information Research, vol 38, no 119, 2014

Panlibus, Spring 2015

Library Tech / Web

Downloads from Jisc Digital Festival 2015

iBeacon technology

Collections / eResources

New digital collection from Historic Scotland

Loeb Art Center database of over 19,000 digitised items

Race in Iraq and Syria to record and shield art falling to ISIS

Academic Libraries

Latest edition of the Academic Library Trends and Statistics

Institutional MOOC strategies in Europe

University of Oxford’s Weston Library opens 21 March as new model for research libraries worldwide and public showcase for Bodleian treasures

Pedagogy for Librarians Course

Public Libraries

Ed Vaizey: “there appear to be no grounds on which he would intervene in libraries ”

Libraries don’t need more advocacy, they need better advocacy

Libraries on the Edge: some great ideas


Research Data Explored II: the Anatomy and Reception of Figshare


Measuring the Influence of Creative Commons Licenses on the Usage of Open Access Monographs

16 of the top 20 research journals let advertisers spy on their readers


Google open first shop, in London

Can you identify these books by their covers? c/o H Weller

Card catalogue art

A jewellery box or a library? c/o H Weller

If you want to help the oppressed], build a big library and leave the door open.” – Sir Terry Pratchett 1948-2015

Redosiris is currently reading The Extreme Centre: A Warning by Tariq Ali

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