Library Links 23rd January 2015

Library Theory

Copyright, Fair Use and the Digital Age in Academic Libraries

Learning from Massive Open Social Learning

Making Games For Libraries conference – Dublin, 1st May

Disabled Library Users: The Marrakesh Treaty

Long term vocabulary benefits from reading for pleasure in childhood

Library Tech / Web

Planning and implementing a 3D printing service in an academic library

EndNote tips part 2
Part 1 from previous LLL

Managing multiple Instagram accounts

11 free mind mapping tools compared in one chart

Advice for first time bloggers

7 alternatives to Google Image Search

Knowing when to use which type of image

5 tools for creating multimedia quizzes

Collections / eResources

University of Glasgow web resource detailing 1,000 years of the English language launched

NYPL Digital Collections Platform: An Introduction

23,000 documents added to NATO Archives Online

Wellcome Library donates 100,000 medical images to Wikimedia Commons

NYPL Andrew Heiskell Braille & Talking Book Library

Aztec app brings historic Mexico codex into the digital age

Digitized Collection of Influential British Magazines, More Than 850,000 Pages From First Half of 20th Century

Academic Libraries

Six useful online tools for academics, and anyone else who teaches

DataCite Case Study: at the University of Leeds

Information Literacy

Metaliteracy open learning opportunity

Create your PPT for the web, THEN strip it down for live presenting

How to better retain more information from your reading

Public Libraries

National Libraries Day

Information Twist – Thoughts about the Sieghart Review

Library of Birmingham Rally

10 ways the library can help you keep your new year’s resolution

Illiteracy and the Liberal Democrats


Code4Lib Journal, iss 27, 2015

New Blog added

The International Librarians Network

Library Voices


The Lego Library: A Short Movie


How J K Rowling plotted Harry Potter – on a hand drawn spreadsheet

The still mysterious death of Edgar Allan Poe


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