Library Links 16th January 2015

Library Theory

IDEO shares Design Thinking Toolkit for libraries

“The Fruits of Intellectual Labor”: International Student Views of Intellectual Property

Library Tech / Web

On Scholarly Communication and the Digital Humanities: An Interview with Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Bento style search in LibGuides v2

The continuing evolution of Sharepoint

D-Lib Magazine, vol 21, no 1/2, Jan/Feb 2015

Cracks in the digital map: what the ‘geoweb’ gets wrong about real streets

Introducing the CrossRef Labs DOI Chronograph

23 useful Chrome extensions

Google Glass sales halted but firm says kit is not dead

Collections / eResources

Founder of the DPLA speaks at San Francisco Public Library

Digital vs. Print: Reading Comprehension and the Future of the Book

DC Punk Archive

Academic Libraries

Scholarly Context Not Found: One in Five Articles Suffers from Reference Rot

A history of Harvard’s Library

Information Literacy

MOOCs, information literact and the role of the librarian

Information Literacy Journal Club

Public Libraries

British Library releases Vision For The Future 2015-2023

Sieghart Report latest

e-Petition: Stop the Wholesale Hiving off of Public Libraries to the Voluntary Sector in Wales

10 minutes of real time British Library requests

The alternative new year public libraries honours list

National Libraries Day and Library A-Z follow up

National Library of the Netherlands Strategic Plan 2015-2018


Innovation and being brave


Reducing YOUR freedom of speech

In 20 Minutes, This Brilliant Kit Creates A Full-Size Library For Refugee Camps

Cartoons only a teacher librarian would love

Redosiris is currently reading The Establishment by Owen Jones

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